Waternetworks Drops by Fulguro
All images © Geoffrey Cottenceau
Rainwater collector
A sheet of powder coated aluminium the shape and purpose of which, drawing inspiration from
the plant kingdom, enables water on terraces or balconies to be gathered.
reLEAF may be planted directly in a flowerpot or in a watering can in order to increase the gathering surface.
Small garden tools inspire the material and basic typology of this object. The haft is made of beech, wood traditionally used for this kind of implement. A few branches, however, have « grown » here and there thus pointing at a simplified and geometrized tree. The extremity is forked and may be thrust in any interior flowerpot. The user may hang his/her umbrella or coat, thus causing the plant to recuperate the drops of water.
In the manner of a stalk, this lampshade may be fixed in the earth of interior flowerpots. The latter thus become lamp feet. The lamp both enlightens the room and becomes a profitable light source for the plant. A symbiosis is at work between the two elements.
Jug and glasses
The material chosen for this set is a reference to earthenware flowerpots. The top of the cylindrical jug may be used in two ways. One of the sides is made of a pouring lip for serving water while the other is reminiscent of a watering can’s head.
After having drunk, the user may water his/her plants with the surplus remaining in the jug and the glasses. All of the water drawn from the tap thus gets used.